Phases involved in interior design

Phases involved in interior design

Interior design and development is an artistic job. It requires that you spent a lot of time thinking out what works and what doesn’t in a specific environment. Although it is a tiresome job, we have compiled a list of the things to do if you are to be successful at it. You have to do the following seven steps while working on any interior design job.

Stage 1: Meet with your client

First of all, fix an introductory meeting with your client. Make sure you communicate the goals of the meeting to the client to give him or her an idea of what to expect.

Stage 2: Initial Conversation with the client

At this stage, you have to know the requirements of your clients. Both of you and your client will discuss a lot of about the project. The client will clearly tell his or her demands and the consultant will also tell his or her advice. Afterwards, the consultant will visit the home of the client.

Stage 3: Home Consultation

In this stage, the consultant will visit the real object of the project. This is the home in this situation. He or she will take the measurement of space specially noting the electrical outlets, mantles, bulkheads, door swings, and so on. He or she will capture everything in a detailed way. Based on this the consultant will determine the architectural style of the house, lighting and decoration of the house.

Stage 4: Plan View

In this stage, the consultant will make a drawing of your room. He or she will send the drawing to the client for the acceptance. If the client has any modifications then he or she will discuss that with the consultant.

Stage 5: Presentation of the design

In this stage, the consultant will develop a consistent palette of materials, colors and textures. He or she will source the special design furniture which is suitable for both the context of your place and the looks you desire.

The consultant will gather everything into a pictorial presentation that will permit you to visualize the room.

Stage 6: Final Presentation:

In this stage, every item of the work of the consultant has to be clearly reviewed. Here, the consultant will discuss timeline, payment, installation details, and every particular information about the project.

Stage 7: Delivery & Setup

This is the final stage of the interior design. Here, the consultant will implement the project as discussed in the planning stage.

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